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What is a senior center?

You’re probably wondering what transpires whenever older adults get together. No, it’s not always bingos or eating jello. Those are some generic ideas we commonly hear or see in movies. A senior center is a community designed for older adults ages 55 and above. It is a place of rediscovery for those who might think they reached their goal in life—a place to find happiness for those who have lost their loved ones. More importantly, let’s talk about Senior Center Boise.

Senior Center Boise

Being happy and remaining healthy are some of the important goals for seniors to accomplish in the years to come. The busier, the better. And the more chances to sustain longer, happier lives. The activities they might want to engage in can’t be accessed or provided. This is where Senior Center Boise comes in. We provide them the chance to actively participate in various activities with other seniors to increase the value of the quality of life they have. It gives the opportunity to mingle with other seniors in the center to learn new things from each other. Think of it as going to school again, but for older adults.


  • Classes. Learning doesn’t stop, not even for the senior citizens.
  • Clubs. An ideal scenario to talk about their hobbies and discuss activities for certain clubs.
  • Health. This is to check in on their health. In addition, health teaching is conducted to provide them medical insights into their existing conditions.
  • Field trips. Getting to know your local state area. Ideal for vacations outside the neighborhood or out of the country trips.
  • Dancing. The most popular among seniors are having a good time as they exercise.
  • Games. Who doesn’t love a little competition? Games such as bingo, cards, pool, as well as table tennis and a whole lot more.
  • Socialization events. This is where they have conversations about their family, life experiences, and the most fantastic part of this to know each other’s commonality.
  • Performances. A good time to sit back and relax. They showcase their talents in singing, dancing, and other forms of entertainment.
  • Wellness Seminars. Heath teachings for specific situations also involve fall prevention among the elderly.

With a variety of activities at Senior Center Boise, they will surely have the grandest time of their lives.

Study shows that older adults who take part in Senior Center Boise Id have longer chance to put on hold the progression of such chronic disease, thus improving their quality of life. More often, people who belong in this age group can develop depression. It is something to be alarmed about. They would be often left out when there are family get-togethers, they would feel left out because they can’t keep with up the type of conversation. They would feel isolated, lonely, even feel useless as they haven’t contributed anything.

Having put up a senior center in the neighborhood can certainly be beneficial for seniors. They will be able to form a bond with other seniors, this would elicit a small community to help out each other forming comradery. Giving them self-worth is really important, having a purpose will surely motivate them to enjoy file to its fullest. Senior Center Boise Id always reinvents itself when it comes to caring among older adults, we focus on the 2 important aspects, the mental, and the physical. From there we always come up with ways to provide assistance to the ever-growing elderly population. Doing the first step seems hard, setting up with a center doesn’t mean selfishness, it is a way of prolonging their sense of worth and independence.

Head down to Senior Center Boise to learn more about us.