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Nursing Home Boise ID

Is a type of home for the elderly who are in need of round-the-clock care. These facilities are for the improvement of independence for the elderly who require continuous care in their day-to-day activities. Some come in for a short-term stay right after they get discharged from the hospital. Others reside permanently due to lifelong therapy. However, a hospital type of care is not needed.

Nursing Home Costs

The average cost of renting a private room will cost around $9,537, in the state of Idaho, the average cost for a private room for a nursing home is $8,562. That is according to Genworth. There are also insurance companies that will assist in this situation, but in some cases, they will not cover expenses relating to their comorbidities, as well as vaccines. At times, you have to shoulder the necessary expenses. Once your expenses have dried up, that is the time that some insurance companies would sweep in to help. Availing for eligibility can really be troublesome. Having a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the elderly can come in handy.

Knowing more about Nursing Home Care Boise

The first thing to keep in mind is what kind of care your loved ones will be needing. Is it temporary? Will it be a lifetime? These are the commonly asked questions by our clients. To answer their questions, we always conduct initial interviews with the family. This is to determine the detailed history, comorbidities. After the assessments, specific goals are then made to suit the needs of the client (short-term or long-term). Nursing Home Boise ID offers the most considerable care to our clients including bathing, getting dressed, and eating. They are provided by our licensed caregivers (nurses, doctors, physical and occupational therapy.)

Services offered

  • Social interactions and recreational activities
  • 24/7 emergency care
  • Room and board lodgings
  • Individual care

Of course, we have a variety of activities that will surely keep them entertained. Our visiting hours are very flexible, making sure quality family time is observed. We also allow pets within our facilities.

Facility layout

Our facility gives off a homey kind of feeling as it mimics a typical home arrangement. The entire area is very accessible by wheelchairs, the entire area is skid-proof so that accidents are prevented. The rooms are well lit by natural lighting by day as they are strategically placed. Walkers and wheelchairs can easily hover the area, handrails are installed in specified areas. The facility has indicators so our clients can navigate through the area without causing confusion. The residential area is well sanitized, including the kitchen area.

Meal preparations

Our meals are specifically prepared for our clients’ diet and are always on time. Snacks are included too. We also take in requests of food preferences from time to time. We make sure that clients who are unable to feed themselves are well cared for. We also customized their rooms for eating meals.

Keeping the communications open

So that constant care is being provided, we at Nursing Home Boise ID always update the primary caregiver so that they are very well updated.

Care built according to specifications

When you choose Nursing Home Boise ID as your care provider, we customize the intended care for our clients. We have our floor director conduct an interview regarding the circumstances of our clients. This includes the history, current medical conditions, as well as financial constraints. From there, we set a plan to cater to those needs thus making their stay safer and more comfortable in the long run.


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