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Day Care In Boise

We, at our day care in Boise, establish health and well-being holistically, provide services and programs which support the entire person’s body, mind, and spirit. As such, wellness becomes a joint effort between Life Enrichment and also our Wellness Care Team; all are playing roles that are crucial in making Boise ID Elder Care the destination for most aging elders. Our scope of property maintenance is reflective of the entire ability of our license via the Department of Public Health, expanding the stay of residents as health conditions alter. Our expert assistants at senior living in Boise work hard to have the seniors breathe fresh air, search for creative solutions that provide a higher quality of care at a lower price to the elderly.

Maintaining Electronic Health Records

Boise Id Elder Care is pleased to set the speed inside the Assisted Living industry with our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, a convenient, mobile option for assessments, care planning, event monitoring, wound care, behavior management, and eMARs (electronic medication administration records). The advantages for residents and both groups are diverse:

  • Complete and legible medical and demographic advice
  • Quick, secure access to health documents for effective maintenance
  • Capability to monitor health metrics such as blood pressure, heartbeat, respiration, body temperature, and oxygen levels.
  • Proper documentation
  • Improved privacy and safety of resident data

With the productivity accomplished by this clinical and charting intelligence, we're free to devote more time to activities and resident-centered maintenance.

Care Levels

With senior living in Boise, our care levels are decided through a point system that considers the time and price of delivering each service, such as medical aid, grooming, or any other service. The cumulative score determines the degree of maintenance. Leading to an individualized treatment plan that offers a great amount of assistance.

Respite Care

Respite care is a temporary stay in a Boise ID Elder Care Senior Living community. It is often recommended for seniors that are recovering from illness or other medical issues as well as an opportunity for a senior living encounter. Additionally, it may be an advantage for a caregiver who requires a vacation or a break. Our senior living in Boise id services are available for various care levels in healthcare and living.


Hospice services at our day care in Boise ID are made to give services to individuals. The objective is to enable residents to be more comfortable and free of pain so that they live each day as fully as possible. Our dedicated Wellness Team collaborates with the provider of selection, allowing the resident and family to concentrate on the quality and comfort of life. Reach out to us to understand more about our senior living in Boise ID!